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The Raid was one of the best action movies I've seen in years. It had a propulsive setup involving one building and an arrest gone horribly wrong. It was essentially a dance film with bone crunching fight scenes, a showcase of Gene Kelley, Fred Astaire, Donald O'Connor and Bob Fosse brawling.

The Raid 2 is about 45 minutes too long because it is a full musical to the first film's dance recital. So there's more plot, characterization and build up to each violent set piece, some unnecessary. There's also a lot more blood and gore, including a scene of multiple executions as two secondary characters negotiate which struck me as being similar to a humorous patter duet and, like those numbers, it's skillful but not as clever as it's supposed to be.

Fortunately The Raid 2 inverts the weakness of many classic Hollywood dance films in which there are fewer big numbers as the plot develops. Here there's more action once the stakes are clear, right about the time this character appears:

Hammer Girl.

She and Batboy are on screen for 15 minutes at most, but holy shit. Holy fucking shit. She gets one solo and one duo and scenes are stolen. The pace picks up and it's like everyone else stepped up their game to match the sheer awesomeness of Julie Estelle. Even a car chase scene - which might as well be the waltz of action films - is lively and amusing.

So I can still recommend the film. I can also imagine more than a few couples going with low maintenance but high reference value costumes like this:

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