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Today we went to CAKE, the Chicago alternative comics expo, then Fiesta Del Taco.

I had certain expectations about Fiesta Del Taco, based on things like Perogi Fest and Tamale Fest. One assumes the titular food will have a significant presence.

I'll be honest, the first thing which came to mind when I read "Fiesta Del Taco" was this:

Which is not entirely out of bounds, given that Mr. Perogi and Miss Paczki are a thing.

Alas it was a generic street fair with funnel cake and wildly unsafe looking rides and about ten of the usual street fair booths - mobile phones, sports drinks, Budweiser - with just one offering tacos. Which is weird considering it was the west end of 26th Street, the very long retail strip of the La Villita neighborhood which has many top rated taquerias.

This fest is run by Special Events Management, one of the two companies who handle nearly all the finances and logistics for neighborhoods festivals, which is why the same filler can be found at each one. They are like carnies gone corporate and dull,filler crap to every fest.

It's up to local organizers to create a distinct personality around the standard crap, and Fiesta Del Taco is an example of what happens when the local element - in this case a Church - is too weak to do much. I'm sure SEM was fine with this and would prefer just moving the shabby midway and sponsored marketing booths to various spots around the city with no extra trimmings..

StarEvents, the other major street fair player, may actually be worse because they also do entertainment and their roster is almost entirely inoffensive bullshit bands. I don't know if local organizers have become less interested in booking talent or StarEvents is good at pushing them around, but bands like Too White Crew and Hairbangers Ball and Mr. Blotto are undeserved dominant sounds of summer.

Still I do love a fair, the humanity and the quirks which manifest around the carny stip mall elements. This one was just particularly half-assed. We ended up having tacos at Taqueria Los Gallos a large pleasant place with a rooster motif including two stuffed fighting cocks mounted on one wall. They are famous for their soup, but the tacos were excellent as well.
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