Jan. 1st, 2014

fengi: (Mr. Fengi)
Starting the new year with two of my favorite music videos. Can you spot the connection beyond some stylistic echos and a similar bemused attitude about singing at a camera? It's not that hard.

People take anything when there’s nothing
They get that way,
Just like that.
What they need is a little darling
A hermit or, a big star.

Some plastic or rubber thingamajig,
Some little thing, some kind of a toy.
That burns up like tinder does.

People are crazed, the times are a haze,
The times are a haze, and people are crazed.

I'll measure time I'll measure height
I'll calculate My birthrite
Good Lord I'm big I'm heading on
Got my leather boots on

Got my girl and she's a wow
I cast my iron knickers down
Man-sized no need to shout
Can you hear, can you hear me now?

Silence my lady head
Get girl out of my head
Douse hair with gasoline
Set it light and set it free