Jan. 6th, 2014

Rule 34.5

Jan. 6th, 2014 07:25 am
fengi: (Mr. Fengi)
As I'm sure you've noticed, google auto-complete suggestions for most actresses often include "feet" near the top (or did, I think they started filtering it once the lulz wore off).

I was wondering why so I searched for Insert Name Feet and foot fetishists are an intensely dedicated lot with many hits for each name. WikiFeet is frequently the first result, which I think is key. If you have a huge, well maintained Wiki for something, it will impact results. If there were a wiki (and big collection of fetish vids) dedicated to famous people pointing at stuff, I'm sure "Jennifer Lawrence Points" would show up.
fengi: (Mr. Fengi)
I watched parts of the first episode it's the most absurd premise which isn't a funny or die sketch: a crack team of paramilitary hostage takers secretly occupy a target's home but then the plan goes wrong and they stay and stay for increasingly implausible reasons.

More importantly, the seemingly happy family is a hilarious checklist of soap opera flaws: cheating dad, pregnant daughter, drug dealing son and conflicted career mom.

It could be the weirdest Hallmark Network Movie ever: "They're quietly falling apart, but a vast shadowy conspiracy to kill the president might be just the thing to bring them together." Cue an instrumental version of "Solsbury Hill" while Toni Collette hugs her costars and a smarmy announcer intones "Hostages - it will free your heart."

Some of the episode descriptions I can only imagine on an Adult Swim sitcom parody: daughter's boyfriend finds out she's pregnant and wants to confront her family, but he thinks the lead para-military operative conspirator is her abusive dad! Hijinks ensue!

For me the big question is if Toni Collette accepted this role as a bet or because she lost one. I don't need to wonder about Dylan McDermott he's an apparently humorless man in love with the ridiculous.

If this is a put-on, and it could be, they doing a brilliant deadpan down to the overly cautious network approach - glossy yet utterly flat (also a little too cheap for its epic tone), nothing good or bad enough to be memorable. Except when the premise is so obviously ludicrous, it becomes a satire of professional mainstream banality.

I've been reading about it but not watching it, but I'm about to savor the last action packed yet unremarkable half hour.