Jan. 10th, 2014

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I think a romantic comedy/tragedy set during the Palmer Raids might be awesome - lovers meet as activists, both get arrested, but only one gets deported. Eventually the other overcomes fears and family objections to leave America and be with him/her.

I really think it might work if part of it involves scenes of when Louis Post put the breaks on Palmer's power, (you could have a romantic lead be in the audience for his congressional testimony or connected because a relative works for the Palmer as an enforcer).

Even though the massive busts which helped end Occupy were two years ago, I think the Palmer raids would still resonate, especially with Snowden and many other incidents.

It wouldn't be hard to find the two romantic leads, plenty of kids with chops who would make excellent unionist/anarchists. The issue is finding two older actors who bring enough offbeat energy to Palmer and Post to make them more than one note docudrama figures. Will Ferrel would make an excellent Palmer in many ways, except he might lack the appropriate menace. Robin Williams actually looks a bit like Post, but he's too associated with cheese at this point.

Upon reflection, I realize it's a long shot, because while it was possible for authorities to question the police state despite actual bombings, these days the very idea of a bomb is enough to make doubt heresy.
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If only the baby tears weren't followed by threats.