Jan. 29th, 2014

fengi: (Mr. Wolf)
Thomas Perkins equated critiques of the 1% to Kristallnacht, continuing a trend of the obscenely rich appropriating the slaughter of oppressed minorities to defend themselves.

Unlike others, I don't think it's because rich shitbags actually feel persecuted in that way. It's a rhetorical tactic, avoiding discussion with intentionally bad and distracting analogies. They are blathering about lynchings and genocide to avoid more apt comparisons to the masses rising against the wealthy.

They focus on the noose because the guillotine is not a universally recognized symbol of inherent evil. In fact, many find it inspiring.

Perkins isn't worried about Kristallnacht, he's afraid of the Storming of The Bastille.

He should be. As rich shits continue to pretend they obscene wealth gained through luck and cheating, Madame Defarge is knitting them something nice.