Feb. 6th, 2014

fengi: (Mr. Fengi)
I listen to news broadcasts from National/Public radio services in six countries plus the US.

Today the CBC announced it was suspending news podcasts until after the Olympics due to rights issues. I assume this is a requirement of whatever deal the CBC made to broadcast the event.

The IOC has some balls asserting proprietary ownership of contest results which will be announced to the world well before a podcast posts. It's bullshit that the CBC capitulated and lazy bullshit to handle it with a blanket shut down. The BBC didn't stop podcasts during the London Olympics - I don't think they even redacted any newscasts.

Actual news about the Olympics - corruption, terrorist threats, human rights violations - will have fewer listeners by fiat of a corporate sports entity. If another train blows up or something else happens, podcast users won't hear it because that might hurt the profits of a bullshit event.

My biggest concern is the CBC's resources are under attack by the Harper government. I can see this as a way to reduce podcasting costs on the sly: shut down for the games and never return.