Feb. 10th, 2014


Feb. 10th, 2014 10:26 am
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Besides Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky, is there any movie which takes the Manic Pixie Dream Girl type and:

1. Makes her the protagonist rather than a complication in someone else's story.

2. Reveals what's beyond the surface without completely neutering her or using a trauma to explain away her eccentric assertiveness.

BONUS: Is created by a woman.

Amelie is the very definition of "almost but not" - unless you read the character as a borderline sociopath who targets people for whimsy rather than torture. If you think of her as Dexter inverted, the movie has a much sharper edge.

The one I can think which mostly fits is Party Girl. Two examples from two decades. That can't be all of them.
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If you're reading this journal, you may have heard of the Science Fiction Writer's Association. If not it's an ostensibly professional support group which has had some controversies recently. In one, successful white guys had a conniption fit when it was suggested the newsletter wasn't the right place for drooling over boobies, fictional and those of women who helped found the group. In another, a longstanding member, white supremacist and men's rights activist used the SWFA's social network to troll others.

So far, not unusual for any insular community full of insecure white dudes, save the irony of reactionary nostalgia being spouted by writers of a genre which is about change.

After these embarrassing incidents, the organization proposed new guidelines to ensure the group would be known for something other than bickering which reveals who are the mean cranks producing escapist entertainment product.

This, of course, resulted in a new round of bickering and a strident rambling petition. Several authors I enjoyed as a kid turn out to be yelling-at-cloud coots who will co-sign any rant about the first amendment without careful reading or reflection. To be fair, most (but not all) signed the cleaned up version, but it still resonated with enough of the tone of the original for one to be a tacit endorsement of the other.

Harlan Ellison, if you are googling yourself and you come across this post, I suggest you read the initial version. Does the guy who wrote The Glass Teat and a master of righteous polemic really embrace something so ugly, petty and poorly written?

The original petition includes this gem:
SFWA members don’t pay their $90 annual dues to be told what to think or how they should express themselves in the pages of the Bulletin, nor do they want their own thoughts (through their articles or columns) to be deemed “acceptable” or “right thinking,” or adhering to some jumped-up (always subject to change at whim) PC style manual by some hootenanny “advisory board” of boot lickers.
Dude. A HOOTENANNY? Well all right!