Feb. 28th, 2014

fengi: (Red Son)

Below is a great comic by Sixtem in response to John Campbell's hilarious/sad kickstarter meltdown.

If you can't handle disturbed yet annoyingly entitled ranting, this post sums it up.

This comment on  the Kickstarter rant observes that opting out is itself an act of privilege and may recapitulate what it repudiates.

The Kickstarter post is merely the climax of a longer Campbell saga involving a breakdown and social justice trolling. This is a good summary, though kinder about behavior I find as self-indulgent as it may be sincere. See this essay about how denouncing oppression can end up yelling at those one defends. One can be righteous and a real asshole at the same time. Campbell's stridency is somewhat justified but becomes entitled all too easily.

That aspect of Campbell's freakout hits close to home as I've crossed that line with even more unwarranted self-regard as I am not a talented cartoonist having a personal crisis. Of course, Campbell was once a hardcore Livejournal user.