Apr. 22nd, 2014


Apr. 22nd, 2014 04:03 pm
fengi: (Mr. Wolf)
I think an event or group or place called The Madam Defarge Knitting Club would be a great thing. I do not know if I have the wherewithal to organize such a thing, but I may commission the logo and dream.
"It does not take a long time," said madame, "for an earthquake to swallow a town. Eh well! Tell me how long it takes to prepare the earthquake?"
"A long time, I suppose," said Defarge.
"But when it is ready, it takes place, and grinds to pieces everything before it. In the meantime, it is always preparing, though it is not seen or heard. That is your consolation. Keep it."
Years ago some friends and I considered forming an art group called "The Sisyphians" (sic intentional) but we could never get past the start.

I've been fascinated with movements and manifestos since I read about DaDa and the Surrealists in High School. I even attempted to start my own club called Grt Nitz which was about nothing. The word "Fengi" comes from that time. When it comes to manifesto types, my sympathies lie more with the Dziga Vertovs than the Sergei Eisensteins. I'll explain that contrast sometime, suffice it to say, Chicago overall is the Vertov of urban culture (along with most of the rest of the nation.

Anyway, over the years numerous group names have burbled through my mind, enough to fill an imaginary textbook on cultural movements. I don't think I'm alone in this, the impulse to invent a tribal name with mythic meaning beyond those life imposes upon us rest in many people, I think, and is expressed in many ways. Be it philosophers, activists, gangs, artists or whatever, we all have epic titles for the revolutions stirring in our souls.