May. 3rd, 2014

fengi: (Mr. Fengi)
It was Deadend Margo and mine's anniversary - 11 years since we met at Quimby's via an online dating service which I'm pretty sure no longer exists.

The day could not have been more aging hipsterish - we ran into Livejournal friends at a brunch spot, plus other people we knew all day, saw an amazing documentary about the twist at a music and film festival, went to two fascinating art openings and free comic book day and a fund raiser for a local activist group where Deadend Margo saw a reprint of a poster from her childhood and I ran into this local candidate who beat the Democratic Machine. Then we finished with cocktails, and perfect potatoes au Gratinin the brisk but not intolerable outdoors at this somewhat fancy bar.

It was this sort of day:

Note: The theme from Mtv's The Cutting Edge.