May. 15th, 2014

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So is this good or bad? This dumbed down dashboard is not as friendly to power users, and kind of feels like a rock band of a certain age issuing an electronic dance music album a bit to far into their career. What I'm saying is acting like Bono when it should just coast like Sting.

It also appears they've half broken filters. One can still post using a specific filter, but at this point one cannot select a filter for viewing your friends feed. Which sucks because LJ occasionally starts omitting friends posts at random and the only way to see them all was to go to "filter friends page" and select "default".

Remember when this would produce a tsunami of "what the fuck" and angry macros and threats of flouncing? Will it create a small squall this time? Will it drive more people away, or are we few going to hold out no matter what?

Last Straw

May. 15th, 2014 12:34 pm
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It has been achieved.

Does LJ still support crossposting to Dreamwidth? Can I import all my posts over there, or just the unlocked ones?
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So I resorted to an all caps support ticket and got a prompt friendly reply. Big thumbs up to LJ Support for being nice about it.

The reply itself is pretty awesome in terms of site design failures:
When viewing any system page that shows the standard blue header banner (such as the home page), there will be a link labeled 'Post in blog' near the right side of the banner, a blank space, and then an envelope icon. Click on that blank space between 'Post in blog' and the envelope icon'.
I tried this and it worked. Here is where you need to click: